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Kids can help at home

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Kids can help at home

Should we include children in chores? What are the special operations for preschool children? How to motivate your child to (regularly) perform household chores? Should children be rewarded for them?

Participation in housework gives a child a feeling of importance and value of the family, by virtue of being certain of the duties assigned to him alone.

Departing from the fact that the child must first learn to be responsible for their own things and tidy up toys after playing. While it does not overcome and would not listen, no ‘challenge’ in your actions or what you just decides that he wants to do. Get plastic, cardboard or other boxes in which the child will be able to clean up their toys, and if you want them sorted out, make it easy for him to pasting the image certain toy box, let the child know where you put it.Also, when your child entrusted to a task, that it creates a sense of belonging, increasing his self-confidence, and learning and accountability.

*can clean up toys, books and picture books, *put clothes on hangers and trays, *coasters set before meals at the kitchen table

can set the table before the meal (including accessories), help in preparing meals with supervision, deploy washed laundry by piles for each family member (eg. an array which whose socks), assist in the purchase of food supplies when you come home and scheduling, add wet clothes to hang it on the clothesline
watered the flowers in the home or garden feed pet and change his water, clean the sink in the bathroom, help in putting clothes in the washing machine and then when hanging, wipe the floor, dusted, take out the trash, assist in the preparation and serving of meals (with supervision)

Keep in mind that small children should inflict easier and simpler cooking tasks, which exclude carrying full plates, glass, chemicals, etc. proximity. Also, think about what the child might be interesting to do. Older children, she at the age of six years, but can decide for herself what she would like to do, and with them you can about it and discuss.And remember, do not worry whether the task be accomplished. Perhaps the garbage ends up next to the basket, coasters turn out somewhere, so keep in mind that the exercise will lead to perfection, and the child will be from an early age to develop work habits. Also, if your child enjoys these chores that you give him, it makes no sense to spoil his pleasure, encourage him and praise no matter what the task is finalized, it is important to wilt.
Select the appropriate tasks

Most parents underestimate the ability of children when it comes to housework. Keep in mind that if your child can play games on the PC, then you easily can learn how to turn on the dishwasher. It is essential that jobs are easy and safe for your child.

Keep your kids safe

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Keep your kids safe

There are many ways in which you can improve your home. Home improvement tips are for almost anybody, and most of them can be done by you. Whether you are looking to improve your home for yourself, or improve it to sell for a better price, proof it for children or even the ”Alzheimer proofing your home” guide, you can find many tips and tricks online. In this article we will be talking about the tricks you can use to childproof your home.
Childproofing your home includes identifying potential threats and hazards for your little ones, so if you are a young parent, or have children on the way, stick around and learn a thing or two.

So without further ado, here are a few things you should consider doing to keep your children safe.

The number one thing we have on our list is ”falling furniture”.
Children often try to climb on furniture, or pull things, so be careful because something heavy may fall on them and pin them to the ground, you should prevent this by securing your furniture with earthquake-proof and anti-tip furniture straps. Also the thing you should be aware of that might fall on your child is the flat television screen, so those should be secured as well.

Children when young often put objects in their mouths, so one very big concern is your child choking on something. Choking hazards can be prevented with a general rule of thumb, everything that can fit through a toilet paper roll is a potential choking hazard.

While choking hazard is certainly a thing you should look out for, you maybe haven’t consider your child’s curiosity. Children are often curious and they might end up opening your cabinet doors, and what they might find in there could seriously harm them, so to prevent things like these from happening, you should purchase locks with metal spring mechanisms rather than inexpensive plastic ones that are likely to fail in the first four months.
While you are playing with your children, you often use anything near you to amuse them or teach them shapes and objects, sometimes a child may run into something, hit it and consider it a threat and you take that object, play with the child and take the threat away. Considering this scenario, kids may be introduced with frying pots and pans like it is something amusing, fun, a toy perhaps, and they may reach for it while you’re cooking. To prevent them from getting burns you may consider acquiring Childproof stove knob covers and oven door locks.

A potential threat for your child as well is electricity, of course children don’t know what they are for and again their curiosity might kick in, making them touch the unprotected socket. Even though you think they are safe if they are plugged, children can easily unplug the lamp for example and still touch it, so a great way to protect your child from getting electrocuted is acquiring self-sliding outlet covers.

Everything that you might think is threatening to your child, probably is, so to keep yourself from worrying apply all of these preemptive measures.

4 Tips on How to Improve Your Home

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4 Tips on How to Improve Your Home

1.      Backyard oasis—$450

·         Gazebo

If you and your family have problems with insects and a lot of sun in your backyard, then a good solution would be to plant a gazebo at any flat spot you can find in your backyard. They are not hard to maintain, and their price is reasonable; ranges from $200 to $500; the price depends on the size of a gazebo. Its size is usually 10 x 10 feet to 12 x 12 feet. You can set up a wonderful sitting in a short space of time. You can purchase them at home centers or outdoor dealers.

·         Paver Ratio

If you have a grass floor that is worn out I would suggest building a paver ratio for the yard’s floor. Why? Simply because these pavers look amazing, last for a long period of time, and you can find them in various styles and colors. In order to lay them properly, you do not have to be especially skillful or have an experience in laying them down. You can buy them at patio/garden centers as well as home centers. Its price per sq. ft. is $3.50.

2. Closet organizer-$100

smartline-closet-organizer-1Small amount of money will be spent on a neat closet; wire shelving systems are cheap, practical, and easy to be set up. They will magnify your space for storage. Cleaning is easier, too, due to stuff that hangs on the walls, so floor is clear for vacuuming. Before going to purchase a full complement of clothes rods and shelves at some of the home centers, you measure your closet dimensions. These things cost from $50 to $75. Home center will assist you in planning the whole system and also will provide you with a planning guide. The price of the whole closet system is $200.

3.      Laundry center-$480

·         Close-up of floor tile

Asb_KenTile_CarnivalIf you think that your laundry room needs better organization, lighting and more space storage, then you should upgrade it. Everything you need in order to do this can be found in home centers. Purchase stock countertop and cops to cover the ends of the countertop. Simple shelf units will help support the countertop. Also, you can hang cheap utility wall cabinets for holding detergents and other cleaners. For clothes hangers, you can fasten a clothing rod between wall cabinets. If you prefer bright lighting for easier sorting of the clothing, then you should purchase fluorescent tubes. Finally, you can make your floor softer and brighter with rubbery plastic tiles for the floor. Since this floor is mostly used in commercial buildings and garages, it is tough; however, easy on your feet. Installing of the floor is one of the easiest things when improving your home: you should snap tiles together, without gluing them down. Search for these tiles online or at home centers.

4.      New bath accessories—$470

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom cleaner and ‘new’ is probably by replacing towel bars and towels, light fixture, and paint on the walls.

Tips for home renovation for the New Year

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Tips for home renovation for the New Year

f you want to start the New Year thinking about ideas for home renovation, you’re not alone. Start the New Year is a great time to analyze the idea of improving your home before spring. Arranging home can mean improvement of existing elements in the apartment, as well as knocking down walls and adding new ‘square meters. Whatever improvement you have in mind, follow these 10 tips to guide you through the planning process.


1. Assess your home – Determine the current status of your home and ideas you want to implement. Go through the house and determine that it is a wish list and which are required elements. Items that can be found on the wish list, for example, granite slab in the kitchen.
2. How long do you plan to be in your current home – If you are planning to sell the house or flat this year, your budget for the renovation may be different from the budget of your neighbors who live in his apartment just a year ago.

3.  Use protective measures – Every renovation project involves a certain level of protection at home and people involved with the project. If you renovate a house yourself, be sure to read the instructions on electrical devices that you use. Or, seek professional advice as tool use, before you start the project. 

4. Know your budget – After the holidays, the pocket is a little thin for most people. Instead of being discouraged, in the first few months of the New Year and start planning a renovation project and budgets.

5. Seek help as soon as possible – The earlier you seek help from friends and family and in return offer themselves as aid in certain professional fields.
6. Remove the necessary permits – If you plan to modify the electrical cables, water pipes or other structural elements that could require permits, ask in advance. Hire a professional contractor.

7. Be flexible – Although you would like to renovate your kitchen is almost eight weeks, in reality it can be to finish off for 12. The same goes for the budget and resources. Try to be as flexible with your plans and budget.

8. Talk to your partner – With partner initially agree on the details of the project. Make sure everyone knows their role during renovations.

9. Begin to look for inspiration – Magazines, internet, color palettes… immediately start to look for ideas. Do not wait until the last minute. Find the idea and buy supplies.

10. Have fun – Although serious renovation work at the same time can be fun. If you will not enjoy this job, hire a professional to renovate. Renovation projects can be a great way to start the New Year and that your home into shape over the coming months. Follow these 10 tips to help you plan your project in detail.

Believe it or not, renovation of home is easier than you think if you arm yourself with patience and find everything you need before beginning renovations.

Guide to renovate home

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Guide to renovate home


Are you are among those who are full of enthusiasm started the renovation of an apartment without the help of an expert, because, of course – you know all about the arrangement? At the end of the story predict that you spend at least 50 percent more time and money than planned. Why did it happen, even though you all have planned? It is the hidden cost of the renovation, reconstruction. The first and basic error occurs when an agreement with a contractor. Often we do not pay companies that specialize in performing such tasks, but a neighbor, a relative, friend, acquaintance… who specializes in such work, where the offer is usually given to the word.
It may happen that the offer of the offer in writing, but to an increase in prices comes as the contractor did not specify the entire scope of work, or is it due to objective reasons increased during the works, and that the investor (you) is not alerted to changes in the financial part of the bid.


Example of error No. 1

1Contractor investor making an offer works of electrical installations. If they do not inform investors, but changed installations, closed walls and, finally, the calculation works there is an increased para making wiring, to which the investor is not counted. Such a situation can be avoided so that the contractor undertakes to keep the price and quantity of supply, and for all the changes that occur must obtain the written approval of investors for the further course of the work. These situations often happen because getting to know investors with the new situation stop work on a day or two in order to give a new offer and received the approval of investors about further works. Although thus lose one or two working days, at the end of work it will pay off for you and the contractor.

Example No. 2

Offer gypsum (drywall) and masonry. There are denominated price of making the walls and the ceiling per m2, a certain thickness of the wall. However, often in the course of work we decide to create different partitions, shelves or the like in the space that we’re renovating, and themselves, by offering calculate the cost per square meter. The cost of making shelves, partitions and the like. Mainly differs from artist to artist, someone they account a lump sum, and someone making per hour. So it’s good to draw desired, and agree on the price before the production. When masonry are frequent failures in items installation of windows and doors. Specifically, the company that sets the windows and doors to bid for finishing walls after their installation. Likewise, if a bricklayer in its offer installation of windows and doors, he offered not emphasize wall treatment after their installation. In the given offer should check if the item listed at the beginning, because it knows how to work a significant difference in price. In planning the refurbishment and we feel ourselves err in assessing the cost of what we want.